Sunday, November 01, 2009

Remembering Martin Luther

Today is All Hallows Day, also known as All Saint's Day, a day set aside by early Christians to remember the Christians that have gone before them. It's an excellent day to talk about your family's Christian heritage and talk about the godly example of your ancestors. If not in your own family than you can teach your children about Christians in the New Testament or in Church history who have sought to glorify God in their lives.

Martin Luther was one such person. He was a man who found the knowledge in the scriptures that Salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ alone. At that time he was a Catholic monk who felt that he would never be good enough to achieve righteousness...he was correct. None of us can on our own. This knowledge ripped apart Europe as the reformation swept that Continent. But even under threat of death Luther stood by his belief in the word of God.

This day is also known as Reformation Day as it was the day that Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the Church in Wittenburg in 1517. These theses outlined his problems with the Church at that time. Since he was "protesting" the Church he and others like him became known as Protestants.
So today you might remember Martin Luther as you are remembering the godly who went before us. I found this videos from PBS's Empires series on Martin Luther. I haven't watched them all the way through, but they are a good overview from what I have seen. Please remember...Luther was protesting the Catholic Church at that time and these videos will contain critical remarks about the Catholic church.

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