Sunday, March 04, 2007

St. Patrick's Day ideas

My mother is quite a lover of all things Irish. She has Irish heritage and has always loved the people and the culture. I grew up in a house where we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in a family way with good food and drink. The celebration of St. Patrick's day with parades and parties is really mostly an American Irish invention. In Ireland it is celebrated as a holy day to remember Patrick. I have chosen in my own family to celebrate this day by teaching my children about the Irish culture and people and by remembering a man who obeyed God by bringing the gospel to a group of people who had enslaved him. I find this aspect of Patrick, the missionary, to be very inspiring and worth reflecting on every year. In the hopes that you will share this message with your family I have included her a few sites worthy of mention:

The BBC has an excellent program for learning Gaelic, the original language of Ireland called Giota Beag. You can find other links to Gaelic learning here as well.

Lisa Volrath at her site Ten Two Studios is featuring one of her marvelous countdowns. This time featuring downloads for St. Patrick's Day paper crafting.

When I was younger I watched the Masterpiece Theatre's production of The Irish R.M. The ever praiseworthy Librivox is currently at work producing a free audio of this delightful book which isn't finished but you can get started on the finished chapters here.

Last year I posted on my favorite meal for St. Patrick's Day which is the American Irish Corned Beef with cabbage and potatoes. You can read my recipe for Irish Soda Bread here.

jaminacema has a great activity to teach the trinity with a shamrock just as Patrick did here.

Soon I'll post a book list of some of my favorite children's books to read for this day. But until then I hope you'll enjoy these links!