Sunday, February 07, 2010

Nancy Drew Revisited

Recently I visited a new blog, Books, Movies and Chinese Food, and while there saw a Nancy Drew Challenge which caught my interest.  The challenge is to read all 56 books that are in the original series by December 31, 2010.  This challenge is to read specifically the yellow spine covers which are versions of the books that were "revised" beginning in 1959.  Personally, I would like to read the original books from the 30's.  The originals are longer and I'd like to read Carolyn Keene's original intent.  But since I have three of the yellow spine covers from my childhood I started there.  My books were purchased in the early 70's and I noticed the tag on one said it was $1.79!!!  And it's a hardback!!  Wow!!!

I read #3, The Bungalow Mystery.  Although I know I have read all three of the books I have, I remembered nothing in the story.  Well, it has been a long time after all.  Another interesting thing is I really enjoyed it!  What really struck me was how Nancy is so “perfect.”  She is pretty, even tempered, smart... you name it! I was laughing as I read aloud a passage to my husband in which she has car trouble.  Nancy jumps out, opens the hood and figures out what’s wrong in about 30 seconds. She thinks to herself, "good thing I took that automotive repair class."  It was very funny, but at the same time I realized that Nancy is a good role model for girls. Nancy's character models for girls that they are capable and they can do a great deal for themselves. But at the same time she is very feminine. She cooks, she dresses appropriately for all occasions (who knew there was appropriate dress for sneaking around someone's house late at night), and she is very kind.  Nancy has compassion for people and her sleuthing is more from her desire to help others than from a thrill seeking nature.  I think she is a great role model. Is she real…no…is there ANYONE out there like Nancy Drew…probably not…but I believe, like Plato, that there is a perfection that exists that we may not be able to obtain, but that we should spend our lives striving towards.  We shouldn't beat ourselves up when we aren't perfect as we know it's impossible to achieve, but the joy is in the journey after all.

So I highly recommend Nancy Drew Mysteries for your readers and maybe even for yourself!  If you want to take part in this challenge check it out for yourself at Books, Movies and Chinese Food.

And if you'd like to take this further watch the old black and white Nancy Drew movies which are a lot of fun.  Start with this one on Youtube.  It's in several parts which you can find on the right side of the screen if you fully open Youtube.