Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Easter Devotional

Ann Voskamp's Blog, A Holy Experience, is one of my favorite blogs.  Ann is a very gifted writer and I am always convicted, moved, humbled or filled with joy as I read her words.  Her openness and honesty are a great blessing.

I had the privilege a few years ago to review her Advent devotional, The Glorious Coming, which my children and I have read together.  Now she is making her Lent Devotional, Trail to the Tree, available for free on her blog.   You should definitely check it out.

Seeds of Change Sowing Millions

Seeds of Change , an organic seed and food company, is making available 25 packets of seeds of their choice for only 4.99 shipping and handling.  If you like an adventure this is a great deal on seeds.  For ever seed request they receive they will send a matching donation to the American Horticultural Society.