Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Tasha Tudor's Birthday!

Please pop over to one of my favorite blogs, Storybookwoods for more information about celebrating one of our favorite authors, Tasha Tudor. Her simple, sweet illustrations grace her wonderful books and the books of others. Her simple, sweet life an example to others.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Free Audio! The Divine Comedy

Check out this great new free audio at If you sign up for their newsletter you'll receive a link to one free audio book every month! I put these on my mp3 player and the kids and I listen to them in the car. You can also listen from your computer at home. But can only download it free until the end of August.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Being Good Stewards - Recycle Girl

I admit it...I've been known to cringe at the term "go green." It's not that I don't appreciate the efforts of the movement. I've long been a proponent of taking care of the Earth our home. When I was a child my parents would get us to work alongside them cleaning up garbage piles dumped on our country road. They also composted and grew a large percentage of the food we ate. What I don't like about "go green" is the way businesses have made it a selling point. I don't like it's use as a marketing term. I believe that taking care of the Earth is our responsibility as Christians to be good Stewards of all that God gives us.

Then Recycle Girl entered my life and she makes "go green" so cute that I just have to love it! I've had the privilege of knowing Recycle Girl since she was a little girl. Her sweetness is infectious and completely genuine. I'm so pleased to see that she has grown up into such a lovely young woman and mother. And that she takes her time to share such important information with children.

If you'd like to teach your young children more about recycling then I urge you to share this video with them. And if you live in the Fort Worth, TX area you may be lucky enough to have an appearance of Recycle Girl. She is featured in the upper right hand corner on the Keep Texas Beautiful webpage as their Volunteer of the Month.