Sunday, March 29, 2009


As I have mentioned previously here, I do share some aspects of the liturgical year with my children. The season of Lent is one of those times that we observe. Observance of Lent is a wonderful way to prepare the heart for what should be the greatest event in the Christian calendar...the rememberance of Christ's death and resurrection on our behalf. I've come across a few resources to help share this time as a family.

Beyond The Tomb is a free study by Amy Blevins. This is a very full study that includes daily bible verses, activities, and two other readings for two age groups of children. This study starts today and my family is planning on using at least some aspects of Amy's study.

Behold The Lamb is a wonderful 17 day study by one of my favorite authors, Ann Voskamp. Just visiting her blog, Holy Experience can bring a time of worship, reflection and refreshment. This study is free and started 5 days ago. We were planning to use it this year, but got a late start, so we will try again next year. I love this study because it incorporates scripture reading, reflection, prayer and a work of art representing the daily reading. The idea is to create an Easter Tree with the works of art. You must see it.
I've posted other ideas for Lent in the past which you can see here. One of my favorite and very easy ideas comes from my friend Rachel (check out all her blogs). She creates an Easter Garden with her children. I stole this idea from her a few years ago and it's something my children really enjoy. They ready the tomb and on Good Friday we roll the stone in front. In the past they have rolled a flower or a picture representing Jesus in a piece of cloth and placed it in the tomb. Then on Easter morning I go out and roll away the tomb leaving the empty cloth inside. It's a fun tradition.
I hope that you will share this time with your children by teaching them about Christ's life, death and resurrection. We have so much to be thankful for.


a woman found said...

Wow! Jill, thank you for sharing all these resources! I started celebrating the Passover with my boys last year, and am looking forward to this year. I'm working on writing my own Christian haggadah for Passover. But I'm thrilled with the Beyond the Tomb daily events leading up to Passover and continuing through Easter and sharing the Gospel! I can't wait to get started!!!

Jill said...

Your plans sound wonderful! I'd love a peek at them!! I grew up doing a Seder with my church family every year. I would love to have that with my children again.