Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Coupon Game

I've been reading all these coupon game blogs about Walgreen’s and CVS. Have any of you ever seen these? Have any of you ever tried it? It's actually fun!

Basically these ladies take current specials, coupons and rebate offers and match it all up in combinations that save the most money. I just went to Walgreen’s and bought $47 of stuff. Using coupons (the links to them are usually in the blogs so you can print them out right there) and a $25 gift certificate I got for transferring a prescription there I ended up spending $6. Then I got a register reward for $5 off my next visit so it’s really like I spent $1.

The first few times I looked at the "scenarios" of things that people bought there I thought, "I don't use those products so it won't work for me." See, a lot of it is convenience food. But I've realized that there are lots of deals on personal care items and household cleaners that I would use. So now I scan the deals for things I normally buy anyway and ended up saving $46.

There's a lot to this and it seems daunting at first but check them out and you may find a way to save your family money too. For me it's worth it as there are two Walgreen's less than a mile from my house. So it's convenient. I recommend you start at MoneySavingMom's blog (which is a favorite of mine anyway). She has tutorials for how to do all this and links to lots of other blogs that can help.


Paula said...

I AM SO GLAD you left a comment on my blog. What a wonderful blog YOU have! I am so enjoying myself looking over your past posts! We have a LOT in common!

Jill said...

Thanks Paula! I thought we did too.

KarlyeA said...

Hi Jill! How are you guys doing? I just had to comment on your Walgreens post.....I have become a total CVS junkie in the last two months. I always thought the ladies at PE were crazy for all their coupon talk and now I'm totally addicted to it. I haven't tried Walgreens yet, but there is one opening right down the street in a few weeks and I'm thinking that I'm going to have to expand my shopping trips to include it. I LOVE moneysavingmom as well.
I started a blog and posted a few times about CVS trips, stop by if you have a chance,
Are you all coming to the Fall Harvest Party at AFC next week? Take Care!