Friday, July 18, 2008

When Mother Lets Us Cook is becoming the site I check every morning. They have managed to find so many wondeful freebies. I signed up for their newsletter that gives you a heads up at the beginning of the week as to what they will be offering during the week. That way you can mark your calendar for that one that you MUST have!

Today's offering is right up my alley. A cookbook for children from 1916. Here is an excerpt from the preface:

Recipes include everything from lemonade to applesauce to fudge to omelets. You'll find it here. Hurry up because it's only for today!

P.S. The wonderful Kara has informed me that this is available on googlebooks so you can still get it! Thank you Kara!

P.P.S Kara has gone one step further and recorded it as an audiobook. Have a listen at Librivox!


Kara said...

Hey that's a great little book! The same book is available at googlebooks here:

So you might want to amend your post to give that url for people who missed the one day it was available at the homeschool site :)

Jill said...

Thank you Kara!!! I most certainly will.

Kara said...

The very last recipe in the book is for peppermint candy! I LOVE peppermint candy and I can hardly wait to try it -- it looks so easy! The "Rainy-Day Fudge" is very tempting, too. I plan to record this little book for as soon as I'm done with my current solo project! Thanks again for bringing it to my attention. Utterly charming.

Jill said...

When I saw your comment I did think to myself, "hmmm...maybe she'll want to record it!" I'm honored to have brought the two of you together : ) It is delightful.

Kara said...

Here's the audiobook: