Saturday, June 21, 2008

Red Velvet Cake

The Red Velvet Cake
Sorry - this is the best photo I have of this cake!

Tomorrow is my birthday which means that right now I'm engaged in my normal birthday eve ritual. I'm making Red Velvet Cake. My mother made it for me every year as a child and now I make it for myself. I'm teaching my children to make it so they can make it one day for me (she thought dreamily).

Red Velvet Cake was supposedly called that because the cocoa in it made it look red. Today it comes about because of a bottle of red food coloring. I'm normally very picky about artificial colors in my food but I've tried other methods and I have yet to find something that tastes as good as my mother's. So I tell myself it's only once a year and indulge.

Now, I can't give you my mother's recipe. It's a secret. But I can tell you there is a recipe that looks really good here. You can also cheat like I do sometimes and buy a boxed Red Velvet Cake mix (Duncan Hines) and make the frosting youself. It will tastes pretty close. But you must absolutely chill it before you eat it. It isn't nearly as good at room temperature. That's why I make it on birthday eve.

I hope you'll try Red Velvet Cake yourself and let me know if you like it. A large glass of milk (another thing I don't drink often) is required. I think you'll thank me.


kara said...

Whoa, that looks so good. I've never had red velvet cake but I think I'd better try making one! ( said...

I love that you do this, Jill. Traditions are such a special part of families and so important, I think. Happiest of birthday to you, my beautiful friend!

E.W. Spider said...

I missed your birthday! Happy birthday, Jill! Hey, wait, yours is on the 22nd? Mine, too! Different month, but I like finding other 22nd-ers out there.....
And oooh, that cake looks beautiful! So can I just send people over here and cancel the blog post I was going to write about red velvet cake? And can I permanently borrow your nifty "birthday eve" phrase?
Your kids are going to grow up with such amazingly cool traditions. Hugs to you!

Jill said...

Thanks for your sweet words Tanya! Birthday eve is something my husband came up with. And then of course there is birthday week afterwards : ) I wish you could have been here for a piece of cake. It was so tasty I had to take the rest to our VBS the next day to share with the staff so I wouldn't eat the whole thing.

Cobblestones said...

Oh Jill, it looks so yummy! The icing even looks yummy (i'm not an icing fan). Praying you had a wonderful birthday...I'm sorry I missed it!!