Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Moving Images

Well, I've decided I'm on a "media" theme here in the Giving Thanks celebration so I might as well finish of the week with some moving images. that I mentioned before also has moving images. As I warned before not all of it is praiseworthy so be forewarned. However this sweet, simple piece is worthwhile. It's called A Day of Thanksgiving. A family in the 50's faces Thanksgiving without a turkey but focuses on the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

William Bradford by Nest Entertainment does a nice job of dramatizing the pilgrim's story.

And of course the perennial holiday favorite A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! I loved it as a child and I love sharing it with my children. Enjoy!


Ginger said...

I searched Tivo for "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and all it found was A CB Christmas. Grrrr. From the complete lack of Thanksgiving decor in the stores, I'm beginning to think the holiday has died in America. Truly.
I'm so sad. I remember watching that growing up and would love to share it with my littles. :(

Jill said...

That's too bad. One year the station here replaced it with a local tree lighting ceremony. I sent a letter about that one!