Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thanksgiving Audio

Oh boy, another one of my favorite fun things! Listening to audiobooks. There are some really great free audios for kids to listen to out there. My favorite thing to do is burn them onto a cd and play them in the car. Not only do they learn something but it really keeps down the bickering! So here are a few for you to share with your children.

First some Librivox selections:
The New-England Boy’s Song About Thanksgiving Day
by Lydia Maria Child

And for information about colony life:
Richard of Jamestown: A Story of the Virginia Colony
by James Otis

Archive.org is a fascinating site that has links to many forms of media. I unfortunately can't say that it is all praiseworthy. Much of it is decidedly not. If you do visit do so carefully. Going straight to the Old Time Radio area here will be pretty safe. Here are a listing of some of the shows that feature Thanksgiving themes:

Cavalcade of America episode 1 No Turning Back. But there are many other great stories for studying American History in this series.

You Are There is another fantastic program for teaching kids history. A news reporter reporting events of history as they happen. Try the episode The Sailing of the Mayflower. You will have to download all the episodes, but believe me after you try one you'll want to use the rest to supplement your history studies.

Those are really just a few but they will get you started. Spend some time with a cup of tea browsing through the archive.org's old time radio page and you'll find others. Enjoy!


Kelli said...

I haven't listened to auto books in a long time, thank you for the reminder and all the great links too!

Ginger said...

How many posts have I missed? I saw the Giving Thanks graphic and assumed it was the same original post. Had no idea it was a different topic!
Anyway, noticed you own Tales from Shakespeare. Do you like it better than Nesbit's book? Do tell. I'm trying to decide which to get.


Jill said...

Hi Ginger! I'm sorry I should have changed the graphic but wanted everyone to know it was part of the Giving Thanks celebration.

I actually haven't compared the two books. I was at a book sale and found the Lamb's so I've used it. There is also an free audio available for it on librivox.org. Trusted sources tell me they prefer it to Nesbit's though.

Glad you dropped by!

Ginger said...

Thanks, Jill. If I remember correctly, both Shakespeare books are on Librivox. Don't you just love Librivox?? I'm a big fan!

"Mission of Motherhood" changed my life! Fantastic book! I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog.

Jill said...

Ginger - wow your right! Librivox is fantastic. They are doing such a great service. So many of the amblesideonline books are being done by their volunteers. My children get exposed to so much more when we have something good to listen to in the car.

And I just love all of Clarksons books. Her honesty and perseverance are so inspiring.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Mommy said...

Thank you for posting this. I didn't know that you could get free audio books. I will have to down load these when we have our long drive for Christmas. The children might like listening to it. Thanks!

Jill said...

There is a lot out there for Christmas. The Greatest Story Ever Told is on archive.org and it is a very good show for children. I'm going to need to do a whole post on Christmas audio!