Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day!

This is a sweet video of May Pole Dancing at Puddletown First School. What a fun tradition. As with all youtube videos I urge you to watch this on my blog rather than going to youtube as not all the content there is praiseworthy. Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


Dee (www.Xanga.com/GraceatHome) said...

Every year I think about putting one in our yard for my girls but I just never do. :( I also feel so disappointed because I wanted
H & D to leave May baskets on a few doors today but I was behind one day and thought tomorrow was May 1 instead of today. I suppose we could still do it but it wouldn't be the same. If y'all come down to Charleston, we can have a Maypole Dance (no matter what month it is)!

Jill said...

I'll be looking for that Maypole when I get down there!!!