Monday, April 16, 2007

Free Cones at Ben and Jerry's!!

I LOVE Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. So I was thrilled to learn they were offering free cones on tax day, April 17th. I was even more excited to go here and discover there is actually a shop close to me. Check it out yourself and celebrate with something free on tax day.


antonia said...

The closest one is an hour away.

Terry said...

Dear Jill..I saw you on Crystal's and Jesse's site and your comment there brought back so many memories to me!
When I was about ten in 1959, I just loved the piano.
Of course my family could not afford one.
Mom and Dad were way too busy trying to feed and clothe nine kids.
Well, wonder of wonders, there was a lady on the air force base where we lived who was teaching piano.
We were allowed to practise at her house two days a week for a half hour each time.[I don't think her husband appreciated THAT too much!]
Anyways what I did...I never thought of using the couch like YOU did...I made myself a little piano with a piece of wood. I drew on a few octaves of piano notes and practised my scales on that piece of wood.
I think people thought I was a real odd ball!!
When I was older , I taught piano lessons so I guess the whole thing worked out all right in the end, eh? ..Ha!!...From Terry, Morgan Denise's friend.

Jill said...

Well, obviously with someone who was precise enough to draw on octaves I would expect you to be a piano teacher!!! How funny!