Friday, December 29, 2006

paper dolls - muñecas de papel

paper dolls - muñecas de papel
paper dolls - muñecas de papel,
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My daughter loves paper dolls. The truth is I love paper dolls!!! Well, I recently found a free download for these adorable paper dolls. They were created by Maria Andrea Sardo. She suggests you print them on cardstock which will make them sturdier. Unlike many paperdolls these are large, full 8.5 X 11 sized dolls. They would be appropriate for younger children although my 8 year old daughter went crazy for them. So, I suggest you head over to Lulu and download and print them out today!


kimberly said...

These dolls are wonderful! Thanks for the link. FUNw

munieca said...

Thanks for this Jill. But please, if you want to play with this paper dolls, you can download from here
Enjoy!!! and Happy New Year!!

Jill said...

Sorry about that munieca I'm not sure what happened to the link but I fixed it now!