Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kids Craft Weekly and Craftzine!!!

Crafts are much loved at this house. I was raised by the queen of crafts, have always loved to do crafts myself, and when my daughter was about three she looked up at me one day and said, "could we do crafts everyday, please?" And believe me, she does. She frequently comes up with her own ideas for a craft or she draws from the many craft kits she receives for birthdays or Christmas. But I have found a great source if that well runs dry.

It's called Kids Craft Weekly and I discovered it on one of my favorite online zines, Craftzine. First a bit about Craftzine. The Craftzine site features a blog that keeps you abreast of all the latest in the online crafting world. Recently, the blog featured several knitting and felting projects such as that knitted Princess Leia wig you've always wanted! But the whole world of crafting is covered.

The Craftzine blog is where I discovered Kids Craft Weekly. Kids Craft Weekly bills itself as "a weekly dose of crafty goodness for toddlers and preschoolers" but really my 8 year old would enjoy many of these projects as well. This week is featuring transportation as a theme.

So I urge you to check out two praiseworthy sites, one for you and one for the kids. Let me know what you think!

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