Friday, March 31, 2006

The Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge

It's so very praiseworthy to declutter your house. I'm actually in love with the after part so much more than the process. But Dandelion Seeds has started what looks like a most interesting challenge. She promises to help you not only spring clean and declutter your home - but also your heart! Her plan is to do this by following 52 weeks of online devotionals from Create in Me a Clean Heart. There is a strong focus on daily time with the Lord. The whole thing is really quite interesting so head on over to see the challenge on her blog

p.s. This is structured so that you can start it anytime, you don't have to do it live with her, but don't tell anyone!

p.p. s.s. It's actually 52 days. OOPS! See the comment from Amy!


Dandelion Seeds said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word... I just wanted to correct one thing...

The Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge is for 52 DAYS and contains 8 devotionals (one each week) from the "Create in Me a Clean Heart" devotional for the disorganized (which is in the process of becoming an ebook... that's the devotion that is 52 weeks long to take you through the whole year).

Hope to see you there! Stop by my blog or email me to ask any questions! May we glorify the Lord as we clean our hearts and our homes!

Blessings to you and yours,

Jill said...

Thanks so much for clearing that up for us Amy!