Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Valerie's Living Books

You are going to find out pretty quickly that I LOVE books. And I'd like to introduce you today to someone who not only feels the same way, but has provided a wonderful resource for the rest of us. Her name is Valerie Jacobsen. She describes herself in her signature line as "wife to Paul and Mommy to ten" and that shows you her priorities. As a homeschooling mother she is on the quest for quality books for her children. I met her along the same quest when I found her website Valerie's Living Books. Her site is home to her much acclaimed book lists which include reviews of "living books." Valerie defines living books as "...materials carefully written with an evident passion to challenge children, encouraging them to reason carefully and respond wholeheartedly." These lists include popular series like the Landmark books as well as others you may not be familiar with. It was through these lists that I found the right Childcraft set to buy and some great children's picture books to put on hold for my children. You can bet a mother of ten knows some great books for kids!

I encourage you to visit her site and read through some of the lists in order that you may glean wisdom in picking suitable materials for your children. I have used these lists often and I have not yet been disappointed. While there you may want to look at her blog which shows her sweet spirit and devotion to her family. You may also wish to look at the "new books for sale here" link. In order to supplement her families income Valerie is an affiliate with bookcloseouts.com and she scours their site on a daily basis to find living books at excellent prices for the rest of us to buy. She also offers some coupons for these purchases. I have also bought books through her affiliate links and have been very pleased with the quality and excellent prices.

So get a cup of tea and surf on over to Valerie's. Whether you use her site to find books to get at the library or books to purchase, you will be glad you did!

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