Sunday, January 29, 2006


My husband asked the kids and I to join him at his favorite local computer store. This is the type of family outing that I usually find a way to sit in the coffeeshop of the mega bookstore next door! But on this particular day my husband wanted our company so we joined him. While there my children became enthralled with Animusic. After coming home they begged us to get it for them so we did and they have watched it with delight several times this weekend.

First released in 2001, Animusic bills itself as a computer animation video album. There are seven "unique visual concerts" according to the plot synopsis on The music is complex which my daughter loves and my son who is very into robots, loves the robotic instruments featured in each concert. The animated instruments actually play themselves and it is a visual treat for the eyes and ears. The music is not really the hard edged techno you might expect. It reminds me of Mannheim Steamroller more than anything else. The musical numbers are all instrumental and run the gamut from classical to a melodic pop style. My children find it mesmerizing and I hope you'll try it with yours! The link below will take you to more information and a place to purchase the dvd. All purchases are through my affiliate link.

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Spinneretta said...

I know two other child who'd probably LOVE it... ;) The are making do with $1 DVD's of old cartoons right now LOL.
Keep posting the reviews... and if you're a good girl, I might post a suggestion for you to read :D And FWIW, I go to the bookstore while DH is in Circuit City too :p